Do You Understand Umbrella Insurance?

There are many types of insurance that you can invest in with Oracle Insurance. Three of the most common types of insurance are auto insurance, life insurance, and homeowner’s insurance. A form of policy that you are likely not aware of is umbrella insurance. Residents of Omaha, NE and throughout the state continue to ask:

What is umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance is a supplement to your basic liability policies. It can be added to a wide range of coverage options, including renters insurance, home, and auto policies. It should be noted that umbrella insurance is not a separate type of insurance policy that provides its own kind of coverage. Instead, it goes beyond the limits of the coverage you have. You cannot, however, have an umbrella policy without another insurance coverage to extend. 

What is the purpose of umbrella insurance?

The primary purpose of investing in an umbrella policy is that it protects your assets if something unforeseen happens; this could include a tragic accident in which you are liable for damages to bodily injury. If your regular insurance only provides coverage to a certain limit, an umbrella policy will provide additional coverage. 

Many assets could be taken from you in the event you are held liable for damages or bodily injury, and your regular insurance may not provide enough coverage. These assets include everything from vehicles to your home to your checking account. With umbrella insurance, you are better protected from losing these assets.

To learn more about umbrella insurance and whether or not it is a wise investment for you, contact Oracle Insurance serving the Omaha, NE area. 

What is Protected Under Flood Insurance?

You have probably heard of this scary story before, where an individual loses their property due to a flood. This tragedy is beyond human prevention, and the situation gets worse when the affected learns that homeowners insurance does not cater for flood damage when the incident has already occurred.

At Oracle Insurance, we help individuals in Omaha, NE and around the state understand more about flood insurance, what it pays for, and what is not catered for under flood coverage.

Important systems in the home – This policy may include furnaces, electrical and plumbing systems, water heaters, fuel tanks, water tanks and pumps, and solar energy equipment.

Appliances – This comprises of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and portable air conditioners, just to mention a few.

Window treatments and carpeting – If you have carpeting installed permanently over an unfinished floor or wooden floors, the flood policy should cater for them. It also may include window curtains and blinds.

Personal property – This includes electronic equipment, clothing, and furniture, but only if they are not stored in the basement.

Permanently installed wallboard, bookcases, paneling, and cabinets – If they are damaged and need replacement, your policy will cover the costs.

What is not catered for?

Flood insurance has eligibility requirements. For example, property stored in the basement, crawl space, and walkouts are not protected. These include TVs, bookcases, carpets, window treatments, and audio systems to mention a few. More items that are not protected by flood insurance include;

  • Aircraft
  • Animals
  • Buildings below ground or entirely over water
  • Gas tanks
  • Growing crops
  • Lands and roads
  • Most motor vehicles
  • Equipment in the open

If you are looking to acquire flood insurance in Omaha, NE, Oracle Insurance is the place to be. We offer individuals with comprehensive coverage to ensure that they have the peace of mind knowing that they are safe. Contact us today for assistance and to learn more about flood insurance.

What Should I Be Prepared to Answer When Taking Out a Health Insurance Policy?

If you are looking to obtain a new health insurance policy, there are many questions that you should be prepared to answer. At Oracle Insurance, serving the greater Omaha, NE area, we want to make sure you are prepared for some of the questions you will be asked.

Here are a few of the questions you should be ready to answer as you obtain quotes for health insurance policies. 

Personal Information

When you are looking to obtain health insurance, you will need to provide insurers with all of your personal information. This includes your name, date of birth, address, social security number, and phone number. All of this information is needed and used to bill you for your health insurance premiums and is used to verify your coverage when a medical provider bills your health insurance provider for your treatment. 

Pre-Existing Conditions

While insurance companies can no longer deny you coverage or ask you to pay more because of pre-existing conditions, many still ask if you have pre-existing conditions. One of the reasons is to ensure the health coverage you are selecting can offer you the coverage you need. The second is so that the health insurer can begin to authorize treatment for a condition you already have rather than requiring you to jump through hoops to get diagnosed again. 

What Doctor You Want

Lastly, as you shop for a health insurance plan, be prepared to state if you want a particular doctor to treat you or if you want a specific hospital to care for you. Not every doctor or hospital takes every type of insurance. If you know who or where you want to be treated, you can hone in on the plans that allow you to choose who you want or where you want to go. 

Oracle Insurance, serving the greater Omaha, NE area, would love to guide you through the health insurance buying process. If you are looking to obtain health insurance, call us now and let us help you. 

Will Life Insurance Supersede Your Will?

The thing to understand about your will, it’s more like a to-do list than it is a legally binding document. Like a to-do list, there’s a lot on it that might not wind up getting done.

If you hand your will to your attorney, they’re obligated to do everything in their power to see it through, but it might be out of their hands. It’s a series of goals; it’s what’s supposed to happen, not what will happen.

When you take out your life insurance policy through Oracle Insurance, you need to make sure that you do as much of the planning as you can within the insurance coverage. If you’ve decided that your son deserves a bigger portion of the insurance payout, don’t put that in the will and hope it sticks, put it in your policy. In Omaha, NE, and just about anywhere else in the US, the life insurance policy will take a more immediate, legally-binding effect than the will in matters of money.

Now, suppose you want to pay a portion of the insurance to a minor, but you don’t want to pay for a trust or a court-appointed guardian for those finances. You can pay that money out to a trusted adult, and put it in the will that they are to give it to your son when they reach adult age. They will be expected to do as the will instructs, and they may even face legal prosecution if they don’t. But, that’s no guarantee that the money will make it where it’s going. Someone that you can trust will ultimately be of more use to you than a very well-written will.

Talk with the agents at Oracle Insurance in Omaha, NE to discuss a life insurance policy that fits your wants and needs.

Summer Cleaning Tips

As the dust rises and the weather changes, you’ll need to get your home clean for the summer. The Omaha, NE agents at Oracle Insurance can offer you a few tips to help you get ready for the summer season. These tips can help you with maintaining your home and preventing damage to your house.

Scrub the Bathroom

Dirt and film build up over time even if you clean your bathroom regularly. There are a few things that you may have missed, so during your summer cleaning ritual begin by removing everything underneath the bathroom sink as well as the medicine cabinet. Throw out old and expired bottles. Clean the surface before replacing your items with only things that you need and use often, like conditioners and lotions. Also, check for leaks and discoloring to ensure there are no hidden problems that could eventually damage your home.

Clean the Refrigerator

Appliances don’t get a thorough cleaning very often. Take the time this summer to refresh your refrigerator. First, fill a cooler with ice. Put items that should not be left at room temperature, such as milk, cheese, and mayo in the cooler. Then remove all of the racks. Wash them and the inside of the refrigerator with mild soap and water. Let the racks completely dry before replacing them. This will prevent mold from growing from a missed food item shoved in the back of the fridge. Also, check under your refrigerator for leaks and other possible problems.

Take Care of the Stove

Although many ovens have a self-cleaning feature, you still need to clean the range. Electric stoves with removable burners should be turned off and pulled out. The drip pans can easily be taken out and put into a sink full of soapy water. Clean and dry the pans and then replace them along with the burners. This can prevent a fire in the future if grease or other things are trapped in the burners.

Prepare the Patio

The patio is where you’ll have great BBQ’s and summertime parties. To get it ready, pull out all of the furniture and hose down the flooring. Plastic chairs can also be hosed down quickly, but wooden or other types of patio furniture should be neatly wiped with a damp cloth. Also, before starting your BBQ, check for branches and things that may be flammable around your grill. A low hanging branch could catch fire and cause problems.

In Omaha, NE, you can talk with the agents at Oracle Insurance about your homeowners policy. These independent agents are available to help with providing new or additional insurance coverage. When speaking with an agent, address any questions or concerns you may have. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home and auto insurance.

What is Commercial Insurance and Why Your Business Needs It

As a business owner in the Omaha, NE area, you are faced with responsibilities like obtaining the right commercial insurance coverage for your business. When making this decision, it is important that you utilize experienced professionals, like those at Oracle Insurance.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Commercial insurance, which is sometimes known as general business liability insurance, provides protection against unforeseen events that could affect the ability for your businesses to operate. Depending on your coverage, it can cover the costs related to situations like theft, property damage, injury on your property, and associated legal issues.

In other words, commercial insurance is a safeguard put in place that protects the assets of your company if one of these events should occur.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Insurance

As a business owner, you cannot afford to have the mindset of “it could never happen to me.” Despite your due diligence and an event seeming highly unlikely, accidents do happen and it is important that you are protected when they do.

There may also be laws in place, depending on the type of business and number of employees, which specify the amount of commercial insurance coverage you need. In order to legally conduct business, your company must meet these requirements.

In addition, some clients, customers, and subcontractors will choose not to work with a company that does not have appropriate insurance in place. Without commercial insurance, your business could lose out on potential income.

Whether your business is big, small, or somewhere in between, it is essential that you invest in adequate commercial insurance. Without it, you put your business at serious financial risk. Contact Oracle Insurance Agency, which serves the Omaha, NE area, to ensure your business has sufficient protection against unexpected circumstances.

Insurance Tips for Millennials

Although, as a group, you tend to be on the optimistic side, “Insurance? I don’t need that… I’m a great driver!” If you are a millennial in Omaha, NE, then chances are that you are at the age when purchasing auto insurance has become a priority. The safety net that insurance provides is paramount as you begin the journey through car buying. You should not be caught underinsured, as many of the millennial generation are. Though no one ever expects disaster to strike: a car accident, a break-in, or a fire, these things do occur, and it is best to be prepared.

Primarily, it is vital to seek out the coverage that you are going to need (yes, this means BEFORE you look at costs). Lower payments can sway your opinion about what you need; thus you could end up with less coverage than you need. Once you have decided on the plan that is right for you, discuss your options with an agent at Oracle Insurance in Omaha, NE.

After a coverage plan has been settled on, look for discounts. A great place to start is by “bundling” all of your insurance coverage (like auto and home) with the same carrier. Also, don’t be afraid to ask our agents at Oracle Insurance any questions you might have. We understand that there is a first time for everyone when looking into insurance.

Although it may not seem like the coolest idea to trade the newest gadget for liability insurance, it is a necessity. Unexpected mishaps happen, so being prepared is key.

Most importantly to millennials, who are most likely purchasing insurance for the first time, is to speak to an agent at Oracle Insurance. You will be guided through this process by a professional, who will do everything they can to personalize a plan to fit your lifestyle. Give us a call today to start your journey into auto insurance.

Things to Do Around Your House This Spring

The colder weather is starting to be more of a distant memory in Omaha, NE. That means that spring is here. If you are ready for the spring weather, that means it is time to get your home ready for it too. Use these tips from Oracle Insurance to make sure both you and your home are ready for the warmer weather.

  • De-winterize your home- If you took the time to winterize your home before the colder weather hit then you also need to de-winterize it, and now is a perfect time before the hot summer months come.
  • Have your HVAC checked- You do not want to find out in the hot heat of summer that your air conditioning unit is no longer working or you need a repair. Get a professional out to do some regular maintenance on your HVAC unit so that it is ready whenever the weather gets hot this summer.
  • Do some spring cleaning– Everyone is getting into this craze. If you find the urge to do some cleaning, start with the inside of your home. Not only will it look better but you will also feel better once it is done.
  • Plant some flowers– Spring is defined by beautiful flowers everywhere and if you have the yard to plant some then you need to take advantage of it. Go ahead and get some flowers in different colors and make a weekend of it. You will be happy you did when everything starts to bloom right outside of your home.

If you do not already have a great home insurance policy, then you should consider getting one now. There is nothing better than a great home insurance policy to protect your home. Contact Oracle Insurance, serving Omaha, NE, today for your quote or visit our website to try our online rating tool for a quote on your home insurance.

5 Practical Tips to Reducing Auto Insurance Costs

The rising cost of auto insurance today has many Omaha, NE drivers looking for ways to reduce their premium. Shopping around is one way to obtain the best deal on auto insurance costs. Here are a few more ways from Oracle Insurance you can keep insurance costs down.

Invest in a Vehicle that’s Inexpensive to Insure

Some vehicles are more expensive to insure than others. Before committing to buying a car, ask your Oracle Insurance agent to give you an idea of how much it will cost to insure. Family sedans and mid-sized SUVs, for example, are cheaper to insure than luxury vehicles or sports cars. This makes family cars a wiser choice for people looking to cut insurance costs.

Raise your Insurance Deductible

The higher your deductible, the less you pay for your insurance premium. As the deductible is the part you pay to cover costs in the event of an accident, make sure you have these funds on hand before increasing your deductible.

Develop Good Driving Habits

Maintaining a good driving record will help you reduce insurance costs. If you have numerous violations or have been involved in various accidents, consider taking a defensive driving course to hone your driving skills. Many insurers offer insurance discounts to drivers who complete such courses.

Park your Car Indoors

You could also qualify for an insurance discount for parking your car nightly in a garage. Garage parking reduces the risk of theft, weather damage, and vandalism which increases the safety of your vehicle.

Personalize your Coverage

Personalizing your auto insurance coverage can save you money over the long haul. At Oracle Insurance, we can help you personalize your insurance to avoid paying for coverage you don’t need. By discussing coverage options with one of our agents in Omaha, NE, you can save money on your auto insurance without compromising the protection you need.

Omaha, NE Residents: Getting the Right Home Insurance for You

When you become a homeowner, there are a lot of things you have to think about, so for your first time through, it can get just a little bit too overwhelming. Oracle Insurance has seen this happen a lot of times, and all too often it has a less than desirable result for the new homeowner, and that is something that we want to help residents of Omaha, NE deal with. As homeowners work on getting all of their ducks in a row, one duck that sometimes gets overlooked is the home insurance duck. Or heck, perhaps you even found a home insurance plan, but you are not sure that the plan is actually tailored to your needs.

Trying to figure out exactly what home insurance plan is fit for your needs and lifestyle is not easy, but it is entirely doable. It is just important that you, your family, and whatever insurance agent that you choose to work with sit down and try to figure out exactly what your situation is. You do not want to rush into a home insurance plan without thinking about the consequences, or whether you can even afford that plan; however, you also do not want to take your time and drag your heels. The last thing you want to have to worry about is that a serious incident occurs to or at your home while it is uninsured.

When it all comes down to it though, one of the biggest hurdles in the process of getting home insurance for Omaha, NE residents is figuring out which home insurance plan is right for you. Oracle Insurance knows this from experience, so you should contact us online today so they can find the plan that fits your needs in just minutes.